Quoting Stanislav Malyshev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> 2. Can we just rip the code out the NetBSD CVS (like I did) and insert it
> into PHP? License seems to allow this, provided all the thing with
> advertising clauses, but there might be things more complicated than I
> thought of.

Keeping this in sync will might be a pain.  We're currently syncing
the NetBSD stuff (mainly by christos), over to OpenBSD as well (as well
as submitting back our security patches to it).

Would it be better if this were spun off as a separate library
release (perhaps synced to/from NetBSD versions, but with distinct
versions), as desire for the separate lib grows?

> 3. If 1+2 is yes, do we want to still retain the GNU readline
> compatibility, or we want full replacement (with probably some
> functionality loss).

Yeah, there is a loss of functionality.  Some readline programs
that use v4.x simply dont compile due to the functions not being there
(yafc), but christos says that he is gunning for full readline compat,
which should be excellent.

Anil Madhavapeddy, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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