Toby Butzon ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Although I agree, I don't think it's ever going to happen. Somehow, the
> head PHP folks don't seem to be too interested in combatting spam; I
> brought up the discussion a few weeks ago and was met with strong
> resistance.
> Maybe when the list gets to be 20% spam they'll listen. It _is_ steadily
> getting to be more and more as time progresses.

I operate mailing lists using the listar package, available for debian
and other Unices.

It can reject, out-of-the-box, mail based on
* grepping headers for regular expressions
* requiring people be in the user database

Users in the database usually have the "echpost" flag - meaning send
them copies of posts.  But if you turn off echopost (e.g. for an
account you want to post from but not receive posts to), you're
completely set.

You're right that this has to be something that list gods care enough
about to fix. Given the attitude toward bug mailings, you're probably right.


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