Toby Butzon wrote:
> Another possibility :) Would require a bit of shifting things around,
> which could be quite a bit of a disturbance.
> I have a get-to-the-root-of-it-all sort of question: Is the problem that
> it's too hard to combat spam or that the people in charge of the lists
> don't have time to really get into it?



I've been fighting SPAM for years, and it's hard to find a balance that
works. Example:
Subject: Make Million$$$
Subject: My Make Million$$$ PHP site has a mysql problem.

In between the two is a good balance, but I know that many conventional methods
of spam filtering will block out valid users, valid domains, and valid
email. Many PHP users are working in "grey" areas, do we kick them out?

What if some spammer realizes that email from a user named
"rasmus" always gets through? Or that by having a forged IP allows
broadcasting? Or that as long as they change the subject line, or
"subscribe" for the 10 seconds it takes to broadcast email, or, or...

It's the same SPAM fight everybody's been doing, and there is no perfect


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