Sascha Schumann wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, Toby Butzon wrote:
> > Although I agree, I don't think it's ever going to happen. Somehow, the
> > head PHP folks don't seem to be too interested in combatting spam; I
> > brought up the discussion a few weeks ago and was met with strong
> > resistance.
>     You'd be surprised to learn how many anti-spam measures we
>     - Sascha

Now there's an idea I like a great deal.

General list members may wish to stop reading here; what follows is an
explaination (mostly to Rasmus, but also possibly of general interest)
for what Rasmus sees as "rants" and not workable ways to combat spam.

You see, Rasmus, the problem is: I don't have any knowledge of how the
PHP list system operates. The idea here that Sascha has proposed is
something that I could've never proposed because I didn't even know
there was a php3 mailing list. Hell, for that matter, if we really
needed to (and php3 was still an active list), we could create a decoy
list specifically for that purpose. The point is, I offerred up what I
saw as a possible solution. I am not bitter because my idea wasn't
adopted; rather, I am frustrated because I put forth some initiative
only to be shot down.

The way I see it, this problem cannot be impossible. There's a known
behavior that we don't want; what we need is a way to prevent it. It
only seems logical to me that someone without the knowledge of how the
"black box" that the list server is to me wouldn't be able to offer up
much of a solution - only precursory suggestions. So how come instead of
being given a little more information about fixing the problem I was
given a "No, that won't work. Period."? Now it seems maybe Sascha has
found a solution for the problem. I'm glad - we might be making progress
again. I'm anxious to hear what others have to say.

On a more general note pertaining to my personal philosophy, I
completely subscribe to the principle of suggesting an alternative
instead of just complaining. You'd be surprised at how many things I've
wished were different sometimes, but I try to keep my mouth shut unless
I can also propose a fix. I proposed all I knew how to propose,
including making posting to the list a priveledge of subscribers only. I
also tried to help form the basis of workarounds that could be
implemented to keep newsgroup-based posting viable. In short, I'm only
trying to help, and I'm only trying to help in a constructive, helpful

I give my apologies if my suggestions aren't taken as such. However, I
will continue to offer my opinion & suggestions on this and other
matters with the hope that at some point I will not be looked upon as
just another whining, ranting complainer.


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