ID: 253
Updated by: jimw
Status: Open
Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
Assigned To: jim

just changing version to 4.0 in case zeev still wants to do this. :)

Previous Comments:

[1998-04-07 13:05:47] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
It would be nice (perhaps in 3.1?) if the logging levels
and other related information were setable per-server
rather than only globally -- I.e. On my main server, I
want errors not to be displayed, and logged to the error
log, but on my development site, I'd like errors to be
displayed but not logged, so that I don't constantly have
to be looking at the error log during debugging.

(I'm dropping this in the bug database so that we'll at
least have some record of it so, just perhaps, we can
poke at it in the future.)


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