Shouldn't this work with the new INI infrastructure...?

At 19:21 10/2/2001, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>ID: 253
>Updated by: jimw
>Status: Open
>Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
>Assigned To: jim
>just changing version to 4.0 in case zeev still wants to do this. :)
>Previous Comments:
>[1998-04-07 13:05:47] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>It would be nice (perhaps in 3.1?) if the logging levels
>and other related information were setable per-server
>rather than only globally -- I.e. On my main server, I
>want errors not to be displayed, and logged to the error
>log, but on my development site, I'd like errors to be
>displayed but not logged, so that I don't constantly have
>to be looking at the error log during debugging.
>(I'm dropping this in the bug database so that we'll at
>least have some record of it so, just perhaps, we can
>poke at it in the future.)
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