Zeev wrote:

> At 22:11 12/2/2001, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> >The idea here is that Midgard has a large installed base of users, all of
> >whom have to run a modified version of PHP.  The extension, albeit rather
> >large at this point, is supposed to provide the basic functionality in the
> >standard PHP distribution so people will not have to run a modified PHP to
> >use midgard.  The intent here is not to have all of Midgard in PHP.
> >Hopefully the Midgard folks will work towards making the extension as
> >small as possible.

With the PHP4 version of Midgard, patching is no longer a necessity.
an ordinary extension like the others.

> If this is an extension, though, then it can still be independent of 
> PHP?



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