At 10:18 PM 2/12/2001 +0100, Emiliano wrote:
>Sebastian Bergmann wrote:
> >
> > Emiliano wrote:
> > > But PEAR is a repository for scripts written in PHP, right?
> >
> >   PHP Extension and Add-On Repository. Extensions and Add-Ons, written in
> > either PHP or C, are welcome :-)
>OK, my mistake. So moving php4/ext/midgard to php4/pear/midgard would
>solve this?

Well right now it won't really solve it because pear is included in the 
distribution. However, the idea behind pear is to be something more similar 
to CPAN which means both PHP and C code.

>Does the build process differ here? And like my previous question, are
>examples on how to build config.m4s, and other supportive files, so an
>extension can easily be built as an php-dloabable, a static extension,
>and a static extension in a statically-compiled PHP (into Apache

The easiest way to get it working is "cd php4; cp -r /path/to/midgard ext; 
That's all people need to do in order to get it to work with their vanilla PHP.
You can check out some of the other extensions to see how to build a shared 
library but with my example it's not necessary.
There is also the phpize stuff (which I don't know). It's something like 
phpize /path/to/midgard and then compiling the midgard as a shared library. 
I think the first example I gave you is probably good enough though.


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