James Moore wrote:

> > With the PHP4 version of Midgard, patching is no longer a necessity.
> > It's an ordinary extension like the others.
> Perhaps it would be an idea to move it out of the main PHP CVS (into another
> cvs module) for now and put links on php.net, personally I would really like
> to see things like this in PEAR which is where I feel they should be.

But PEAR is a repository for scripts written in PHP, right?
is a 'regular' (albeit admittedly large) PHP extension, written in C.

> Is there any work being done on some sort of deamon/server for PEAR so people
> get a client build when PHP builds and then they can just tell it to fetch
> various modules for PHP from php.net and any mirrors etc. In the end
> somthing like
> $>pearclient get midgard
> which would do everything needed (IE fetch midgard from PHP.net place in it
> right place etc) would be cool then all the client would have to do is
> either build it as .so or rebuild php with --enable-midgard for example.

That would indeed be nice.

Well, since we're on the topic of re-seperating, are there examples on
to build config.m4s, and other supportive files, so an extension can
be built as an php-dloabable, a static extension, and a static extension
in a statically-compiled PHP (into Apache itself)?


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