A question about phpweb and cvs/rsync:

I'd (still :) like to find the best way to make the annotated manual work on
mirrors. The way it works now is okay, but a bit of a hassle to setup and
keep up to date. It would seem best if we could have a script on www.php.net
update some datafiles, and have those files put into the rsync/cvs
repository, for mirrors to fetch as part of their normal update cycle.

I was thinking of /manual/usernotes/TOPIC.txt, where TOPIC is the subject in
question. The contents of those files would just be a serialize array,
exactly as would be returned by the DB.  My local setup actually does that,
but loading those files requires a semi-backdoor into www.php.net, which I'm
a bit uncomfortable about.

I know, installing a DB on the mirror and loading it with a dump of the
master is another option, but rsync'd files is just *simpler*.

Thanks, Simon

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