> No high tech, whiz bang, scripts. Rsync'd db data file speeds data
> transfers immensely. Output is a single select. Loads are one
> transaction.
> Am I missing something? Do we not want the slaves to have a db? Is
> setting up the table a hassle?

I mentioned the dbdump/load method earlier in the thread. I was trying
to avoid using a DB for the client to make it easier to set up a mirror.
The script is pretty simple anyway - it just loads the comments from
manual/usernotes/TOPIC.txt, if it exists. The usernotes directory is
written by cron or the addUserNote routine on www.php.net, and
transferred by rsync.  Veeeery simple, and no DB.  All the code is done,
it just needs group approval, and someone with rsync/cron access to
install on www.php.net


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