What is iseverythingelse()?  I don't think we have any other 
iseverythingelse() function.

The fact isset() is a language construct does make a serious 
difference.  It already is very different from functions, and not in its 
underlying implementation but its semantics.


At 23:21 19/3/2001, Lars Torben Wilson wrote:
>Jason Greene writes:
> > > Generally using functions for two different purposes is a bad idea, but
> > > enhancing functions with additional arguments that extend its 
> functionality
> > > is not too bad.  In this case, adding n arguments is perhaps the 
> extension
> > > that makes the most sense for isset(), so we should go with 
> it.  Keeping it
> > > with one argument 'for future use' doesn't make much sense in my
> > > opinion.  Not any more sense than saying the same thing about some new
> > > argument someone might want to add to it in the future - why not keep it
> > > clean and wait for a 'better' use?
> > >
> > > Zeev
> >
> > I agree, this is something thats had more thought put into it than it 
> really needed.
> > This functionality very much fits issets nature - something goes in and 
> 0/1 comes
> > out. There really is no reason to not implement the request.
> >
> > -Jason
>Well, Phil is right in that if isset() is changed then
>iseverythingelse() also needs to be examined and if necessary and
>possible changed to suit. Otherwise we'll be fielding questions about
>'well it works this way for *this* function, why not this one?' for
>years. The same question. Over and over and over. Because if the
>language itself isn't consistent then no number of FAQs and manual
>notes will prevent people from stubbing their toes.
>I think that too much thought has most definitely *not* been put into
>this issue--the effect on the whole language needs to be considered,
>not just isset(). Just IMHO, of course.
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