>That is the only thing that I see of any real use as well.  I was just
>humoring Andi and his idea that we would soon be requesting that feature of
>knowing which one failed the test.

I was really voting no for the original feature - just returning true or
false - unless it can be shown (and implemented) that iswhatever(multiple
args) will work sensibly across the board, and that implementing
iswhatever(multiple args) does not waste the function namespace for a new
feature - e.g. loads of php functions take optional extra arguments to
modify their behaviour, but once iswhatever gained the multi argument
functionality described, it would be impossible to extend the functionality
in this way.

Cheers, and apologies for such a long sentence!
Phil Driscoll
Dial Solutions
+44 (0)113 294 5112

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