I agree Phil, that is the mature way to examine this.

Except, I would be surprised if we _cannot_ apply the same reasoning to the
other is_* functions, it's the exact same concept.  I'm just not familiar
enough with the internal workings to conclude whether is_*($x, $y, $z) would
be efficient or even used for that matter.

Although I might consider using it like if (isSet($a, $b) && is_int($a,


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> Andi said:
> >isset() is not an internal function but a language construct. I
> disagree on
> >the "using additional arguments for other stuff part". It's often very
> >weird that functions behave differently according to the way they are
> >called
> I've just done a quick count of the php functions which take an optional
> extra argument to change their behaviour, and I stopped when I
> reached 100.
> Fair enough, isset is a language construct, but most of the other
> isblahs/ext_isblahs are functions, however your average php
> programmer won't
> even know what this means, let alone be able to discriminate.
> My point is that if you are going to do it to isset, AND the
> language is to
> become more orthogonal then it MUST also be done to isanythingelse. I can
> see that there are no nasty repercussions with using the technique for
> isset, however there are many many isanythingelses and I'd be surprised if
> we can apply the
> reasoning across the board.
> I don't want to stifle innovation here, I just want us to think beyond the
> immediate problem when the language gets extended.
> Cheers
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