Zeev said:
>Define 'change their behavior' though?

'change their behavior' === 'change their behavior' in a subtle way :)

> Almost all SQL functions take an
>optional argument which is the link id.  That is by design, and doesn't
>really mean anything here,

I'm not saying it does mean anything here - I cannot think of a sensible
extra argument to modify isset. What I am saying is that if I were not in
the middle of building a ceiling for my bathroom, I'm sure I could find
either an existing issomething or ext_issomething function which already
uses an optional extra argument, or at least, could use one to good effect.
Torben has picked up on what I'm getting at - all 'is' functions should work
the same way - this (IMHO) is much more important than a bit of useful
ad-hoc functionality. If it turns out that we can do this trick to all 'is'
functions without any problems, then great - do it, but do it to all of

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