> > Yes, that's true. I did ask (couple of times) before
> > I committed that patch. And yes, now both & and ; are
> > considered as arg separators.
> >
> > And I'd like to think that it's a feature than bug. ;)
>     That would be true, if PHP would be some kind of reference
>     implementation.  But we don't exist to force standards down
>     our users' throats.
>     It should be optional and default to off.

Why shouldnt we require people to use legal url's?

If we are conforming to standards, and I feel we should where possible (they
are there for a reason.. by your argument why should dirname("/foo/") return
/ rather than /foo, which, to most of us is the most obvious but as you
pointed out earlier the standards say so..).

If I come from some other language or where ever and expect test=1;2;3 to
work someway and it works differently to the standards "just because it does
and we dont want to ram standards down peoples throats" its going to piss me
off. I agree it should be optional but should be defaulted to on.


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