Speaking of this, I think we need to collect all of these types of
issues that are waiting for a "4.1" release somewhere, so we can get a
clear idea of when 4.1 is appropriate. Anyone know of any off-hand? If
not, I can go search the archives...

On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, James Moore wrote the following to Rasmus Lerdorf and...:

> > I disagree, we explicitly document that the arg_separator defaults to &
> > and that this is the character that separates url arguments.  This follows
> > the original CGI specification.  The fact that this is no longer the
> > accepted standard for this doesn't mean we can just up and change it in a
> > minor PHP version.
> Well how about a comprimise then. We keep the broken behavior configurable
> in the php.ini for now. If needed we default it to off. At 4.1 Which perhaps
> should not be too far away due to the amount of things like this we default
> it to on. Then at 4.2 we remove the option?
> James

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