Just wanted to toss in my .02 here...

Anyone who wrote scripts in the past expecting: foo.php?a=1;2;3 to get
"$a=1;2;3" was relying on a bug, or at the very LEAST an undocumented
feature. So if it goes away, it goes away. It should never have worked
to begin with, IMHO...

This doesn't mean it won't bite some people, but that's never been a
problem before in cases of undocumented features.

On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, Andi Gutmans wrote the following to James Moore, Sascha...:

> James,
> You have to be aware that now PHP has such a big user base we need to be 
> very careful in the changes we make especially when we can be pretty 
> certain that it might burn quite a lot of people. We can break 
> compatibility more easily when we have a major release (as from PHP 3 to 
> PHP 4) but these kind of patches need to also be sensitive to the existing 
> users.
> I personally don't know this issue very well and it is hard for me to guess 
> how many people will be effected. Probably some of you who know this better 
> can get an idea. Also I missed if this is the same directive as in php.ini.
> Anyway, I'm just saying don't take the user base too lightly because most 
> of them aren't php-dev@ hackers who want the standards but they want their 
> web sites to continue working.
> Anyway, this doesn't mean I am necessarily against including the patch but 
> we need to make sure we're all OK with it and make a decision not only 
> based on the standard but also on how much damage this might make.
> Andi

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