You have to be aware that now PHP has such a big user base we need to be 
very careful in the changes we make especially when we can be pretty 
certain that it might burn quite a lot of people. We can break 
compatibility more easily when we have a major release (as from PHP 3 to 
PHP 4) but these kind of patches need to also be sensitive to the existing 
I personally don't know this issue very well and it is hard for me to guess 
how many people will be effected. Probably some of you who know this better 
can get an idea. Also I missed if this is the same directive as in php.ini.
Anyway, I'm just saying don't take the user base too lightly because most 
of them aren't php-dev@ hackers who want the standards but they want their 
web sites to continue working.
Anyway, this doesn't mean I am necessarily against including the patch but 
we need to make sure we're all OK with it and make a decision not only 
based on the standard but also on how much damage this might make.


At 09:22 PM 4/3/2001 +0100, James Moore wrote:

> > > Yes, that's true. I did ask (couple of times) before
> > > I committed that patch. And yes, now both & and ; are
> > > considered as arg separators.
> > >
> > > And I'd like to think that it's a feature than bug. ;)
> >
> >     That would be true, if PHP would be some kind of reference
> >     implementation.  But we don't exist to force standards down
> >     our users' throats.
> >
> >     It should be optional and default to off.
>Why shouldnt we require people to use legal url's?
>If we are conforming to standards, and I feel we should where possible (they
>are there for a reason.. by your argument why should dirname("/foo/") return
>/ rather than /foo, which, to most of us is the most obvious but as you
>pointed out earlier the standards say so..).
>If I come from some other language or where ever and expect test=1;2;3 to
>work someway and it works differently to the standards "just because it does
>and we dont want to ram standards down peoples throats" its going to piss me
>off. I agree it should be optional but should be defaulted to on.
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