Sterling Hughes wrote:
> got a bunch of stuff to put in, a new XSLT extension (syntax *will*
> change, but speed, stability and memory usage are greatly improved, 
> as well as allowing multiple XSLT backends, initial support for 
> Sablotron and libxslt).

  Sounds good.

> I'd also like to put the ADT stuff in 4.1 (nearing completion, still 
> have to work up a good proposal).

  This is good news! I can't wait to get my hands on your ADT stuff,

> a branch at this time or pretty soon would be a good idea. That way 
> we can start preparing for and stabilizing 4.1.


  PS: What changes to the ZendEngine could be done for a 4.1 release?
No, I'm not starting another ApplicationServer debate, but during the
last one there were a couple of good ideas that should be considerd,

  Happy Easter,

 sebastian bergmann                            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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