On Sat, Apr 14, 2001 at 03:04:19PM -0400, Sterling Hughes wrote:

> > In our model, we start branches for releases and keep working on the main
> > trunk.
>   I think that's in general a good plan.  But I'm loath to commit stuff
>   that will break a minor release (and I think there should be a few more
>   minor releases before 4.1, even if its just bug fixes).  That's why I
>   would suggest for this case a branch might be appropriate, that way work
>   and testing, etc. can go on for 4.1 even while minor releases are being
>   worked on.
That's pretty much what he was saying.  Instead of creating a 4.1
branch for new development, we create a new 4.0 branch off of the
current trunk for minor releases.  Additional RC branches can be made
off of that 4.0 branch for QA testing.  The main trunk ('HEAD') will
be for the latest development.


(now)----------------------------------------- 4.1.0-cvs
         `------------------------------------ 4.0.8-cvs
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