[Sebastian Bergmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]
> Sterling Hughes wrote:
> > got a bunch of stuff to put in, a new XSLT extension (syntax *will*
> > change, but speed, stability and memory usage are greatly improved, 
> > as well as allowing multiple XSLT backends, initial support for 
> > Sablotron and libxslt).
>   Sounds good.
> > I'd also like to put the ADT stuff in 4.1 (nearing completion, still 
> > have to work up a good proposal).
>   This is good news! I can't wait to get my hands on your ADT stuff,
> Sterling.
> > a branch at this time or pretty soon would be a good idea. That way 
> > we can start preparing for and stabilizing 4.1.
>   +1
>   PS: What changes to the ZendEngine could be done for a 4.1 release?
> No, I'm not starting another ApplicationServer debate, but during the
> last one there were a couple of good ideas that should be considerd,

IMHO, we should not go out looking for things to change in Zend (that
would more or less be Zeev and Andi's decision anyway).  Please let's
try to keep the TODO-4.1 list short. :-)

 - Stig

  Stig Sæther Bakken <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  Fast Search & Transfer ASA, Trondheim, Norway

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