On Tue, Apr 17, 2001 at 05:22:55PM +0100, Wez Furlong wrote:
> I'm on the verge of checking-in my work-so-far (it can be enabled by 
>--enable-php-streams) so that others can try it and comment.  In particular, I would 
>like someone who knows buffers to review the buffering - I've borrowed code from 
>fsock.c but it looks like a memory hog to me, and doesn't allow buffered writes.

And I need this for IPv6 work. I've also been waiting with further IPv6
work since there seems some people have problems with getaddrinfo() which
is used for fopen(). I'm not quite sure how much attention the bug reports
deserves. It's hard to know if it's caused by broken installations bad
implementations on some systems or whatever. Anyway I'm tempted to go on
with the IPv6 implementation anyway, perhaps it's best to do that in 4.1
and leave 4.0 like it is now. Other applications are also starting to use
getaddrinfo() so I expect people will have to fix their setups anyway soon,
or that bad implementations will be fixed and people upgrade. We could of
course have a configure option for turning it on. Switching to getaddrinfo()
is good in other ways too though, the main point perhaps is that it's thread
safe. Hope this made some sense, just some quick thoughts. Would be nice
with some input regarding how important you think IPv6 support is, and how
much breakage we can allow and ideas for how to cope with it.

One thing I'm planning to do RSN, hopefully in 4.0, is persistent LDAP

(the other one)

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