On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, Zeev Suraski wrote:

> At 05:03 17/4/2001, Sterling Hughes wrote:
> >Ok, let me just see if I understand...
> >
> >move everything out of the distribution (from mysql popular extensions
> >like mysql to hardly used ones like qtdom), and then, come release time,
> >package a predefined set of PEAR modules and extensions we want to package
> >for PHP4.
> Not really - some of the extensions will remain in PHP.  I believe that the
> fact that PHP comes bundled with support for some of the most common Web
> environment applications is still a serious factor in its success.  It did
> get into a situation when there are simply too many not-too-mainstream
> extensions in there, though, which makes it very difficult to find a stable
> point at time to release it.  I wouldn't expect MySQL, Oracle or XML
> support to be removed from PHP, though.

Right, that's not what I'm saying...

I would even suggest that extensions such as the XSLT extension or the
PostgreSQL extension should be bundled as well (more, just those two as an

What I meant was that they were taken out of the PHP distribution until a
release cycle when they are again re-bundled for users to have, so:

4.1.1-dev == No extensions are bundled
4.1.1 == Take "stable" versions of predefined extensions out of pear and
bundle with the php distro.


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