[Andi Gutmans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]
> Right but if we chose XML this makes it much harder to have C clients
> (even Perl because the module might not be installed). I don't think

Over my dead body.  Take a look at all the magazines reviewing which
web development tools to use.  Most of them end up with PHP because it
fits their job.  Imagine all the fun authors of such articles can have
it PHP requires Perl to install the stuff you need.

> it will be such a complicated format for us to need XML here
> especially as it limits what clients will be created. I think it needs
> more thought. Having a prototype for the functionality is OK but not
> if you're talking about a prototype which sets the standard.

XML is a commodity today.  Just take a look at what the industry out
there is using.

> >If we were to write it in C we would most likely need to provide a
> >statically linked binary anyway for the different platforms as not
> >everyone will have access to a fully functioning development environment.
> If they are compiling PHP and PHP extensions we can expect them to be
> able to compile an ANSI C program.
> >Despite the pervasiveness of Perl, chances are high that certain Perl
> >modules would be missing and then someone has to go looking for Perl
> >modules to install PHP packages..  Ouch!
> You can do this kind of stuff with the Vanilla Perl and don't need
> extensions.

To be quite blunt, I don't have the time to implement this in C.

I've tried to get people involved in the strategy for PEAR for months
and months.  It's typical that nobody reacts until after
implementation has started though.  I want to get this system up and
running sooner rather than later, so I'm willing to make something
that we throw away and reimplement rather than to not have something
for one more year.

 - Stig

  Stig Sæther Bakken <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  Fast Search & Transfer ASA, Trondheim, Norway

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