> >When we're past the prototyping phase and stuff stabilizes, a C
> >rewrite may be a good idea, but I don't think it is now.
> Well you know the most permanent things are temporary things such as
> prototypes.
> I also thought it would make much more sense to create something very small
> in C (maybe even Perl as it's installed on all systems) and use that.
> I'm not really sure anymore what this installer you are talking about looks
> like. So I think it would be good to get a small update and have a
> discussion of what we need on php-dev@.

I see no issue with writing a prototype in PHP.  The start of such a
prototype is in cvs (pear/script/pear)

And yes, using XML is pretty much a no-brainer here.  That will allow a
lot of different nifty tools to access the package information.


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