James Moore wrote:

> If we announce PHP 4.0.6RC1 in X places then people will think oh 4.0.6 is
> released (remeber PHP users are incapable of reading anything more than
> about 10 words) lets use that; they then wont bother upgrading when the real
> 4.0.6 is released. This means we will start to get bug reports saying this
> isnt working in 4.0.6 when it has been fixed in the RC phase but is still
> present in the first RC.

IMHO is's still better to have a RC that people do not update from
then a pl1 that people do not update to
(and we still have lots of error reports from people using versions 
 way before 4.0.4, too)

but if someone uses a RC and did not upgrade to the final release
we can blame him
if someone uses a release and didn't get the message that a pl1 is
out it isn't that easy
when using a RC you should be aware that a release (or a new RC)
will be coming soon and that you should watch for it, especially
if you have a problem with the RC
when using a release there is nothing but experience with previous
php 4 releases that gives you a clue that you should watch for a
pl1 within days

sure, some people don't get the clue whatever you do
but with labeling something as release candidate, announcing it as
such, and maybe adding bells and wistles to configure, make and
the installers for precompiled windows versions (maybe even to every
error message php generates) it should be possible to get the 
attention of everyone not totally clueless

maybe we can agree on the following compromise? :

- RC1 up to RCn announcements go to php-dev and QA only

- as soon as things seem to work for QA we create 
  RCn+1 or maybe PRC1 (public release candidate)
  and announce it to php-general
  this continues up to RCm or PRCm

- when things have stabalzied even more we create
  [P]RCm+1 and announce it whereever we can

- and finaly we do a release

this would be just one additional step after all:
take what we label as a release now and re-label it
as (hopefully) final release candidate 
so that we hopefully get a release version which 
would otherwise be labeled as pl1  

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