> Try php4/tests/testcom

OK, that 1 test doesnt work..

However the following does. Which is why I was asking for clarification.  This
following code is essential to me, however, I dont make word documents on the
fly.. although I now hate everyone for giving me even more stupid ideas than I
already had.

  $keywords=explode(" ",$SearchString);
  $q = new COM("ixsso.Query");
  $n = new COM("ixsso.Util");
  $q->Query = "@contents Server";
  $q->Catalog = "its";
  $q->SortBy = "rank[d]";
  $q->Columns = "DocTitle, vpath";
  $q->MaxRecords = 200;
  $rs = $q->CreateRecordSet("nonsequential");
  $rs->PageSize = 10;
  if (!$rs->EOF) {
    $c = 0;
    while (!($rs->EOF) && ($c<$rs->PageSize)) {
                echo $fld->Value;
  } else {
    echo "no records";


So the statement COM doesnt work isnt entirely valid. Bits of it dont


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