At 08:36 PM 5/2/2001 +0200, Hartmut Holzgraefe wrote:
>James Moore wrote:
> > If we announce PHP 4.0.6RC1 in X places then people will think oh 4.0.6 is
> > released (remeber PHP users are incapable of reading anything more than
> > about 10 words) lets use that; they then wont bother upgrading when the 
> real
> > 4.0.6 is released. This means we will start to get bug reports saying this
> > isnt working in 4.0.6 when it has been fixed in the RC phase but is still
> > present in the first RC.
>IMHO is's still better to have a RC that people do not update from
>then a pl1 that people do not update to
>(and we still have lots of error reports from people using versions
>  way before 4.0.4, too)
>but if someone uses a RC and did not upgrade to the final release
>we can blame him
>if someone uses a release and didn't get the message that a pl1 is
>out it isn't that easy
>when using a RC you should be aware that a release (or a new RC)
>will be coming soon and that you should watch for it, especially
>if you have a problem with the RC
>when using a release there is nothing but experience with previous
>php 4 releases that gives you a clue that you should watch for a
>pl1 within days
>sure, some people don't get the clue whatever you do
>but with labeling something as release candidate, announcing it as
>such, and maybe adding bells and wistles to configure, make and
>the installers for precompiled windows versions (maybe even to every
>error message php generates) it should be possible to get the
>attention of everyone not totally clueless
>maybe we can agree on the following compromise? :
>- RC1 up to RCn announcements go to php-dev and QA only
>- as soon as things seem to work for QA we create
>   RCn+1 or maybe PRC1 (public release candidate)
>   and announce it to php-general
>   this continues up to RCm or PRCm
>- when things have stabalzied even more we create
>   [P]RCm+1 and announce it whereever we can
>- and finaly we do a release
>this would be just one additional step after all:
>take what we label as a release now and re-label it
>as (hopefully) final release candidate
>so that we hopefully get a release version which
>would otherwise be labeled as pl1

I would make it a bit shorter.
RC1 goes to php-dev & QA. If there are no big messups RC2 goes to 
php-general and then we release.
We can't slow down the release process to a halt and I think posting it on 
the whole net isn't such a good idea.


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