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At 07:08 PM 5/2/2001 +0100, Liz wrote:
> > This time this didnt work for the single reason Phanto was unresposible and
> > commited a huge (700 line commit) to RC7 and DIDNT test it. I asked him (as
> > I asked sascha too) to when we decided to have RC8 (I think I cc'd the 
> list)
> > to test his changes throughly as I would not have time due to "real" work.
> > Now Phanto obviously didnt do this, maybe someone should have caught it but
> > I feel that by not testing Phanto invalidated a lot of hard work by the 
> rest
> > of the team to make 4.0.6 stable.
>I put quite a bit of work in checking the releases for windows.  But Im still
>very confused, I have put 4.0.5 on a couple of machines and still see working
>pages with com stuff on them, I've been told the com test scripts fail, but
>can someone clarify the exact problem? I'll even look at the code if it helps,
>but, at the moment, I still havent seen a problem..
>Am I being thick?
>While in some respects an ideal world a more public release would be a good
>thing, we have to remember that quite a lot of the people who grab it are
>people like my fiance, people who feel they "NEED" to have a later version,
>even if it fixes nothing they have issues with and only introduces more
>problems.  But unlike my fiance, they might not even be that computer
>literate.  We cant assume that they are in a position to report back with
>reasonable information bugs, people who have joined the QA have promised to
>test and give good feedback.. We need to rely on them (me)..
>However, with nice statements like COM doesnt work, it would be helpful if I
>could look at it in more detail.
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