Zeev Suraski wrote:

> At 01:40 16/5/2001, Jon Parise wrote:
>> How do you feel about renaming the existing diskfreespace()
>> function to disk_free_space() (with an alias for backwards
>> compatibility)?
> A warm fuzzy feeling :)  Seriously though, it's been discussed in 
> great  length, and at least from what I understood, going in that 
> direction was  the general idea.  Slowly, but surely :)
Actually, at least what I remember from the conversations, this was 
being put off till someone actually did some work at renaming a set of 
the functions, and there are still a good number of unresolved issues 
regarding function naming (str_tok() or strtok() to name one).  At this 
point, I think placing it in there as disktotalspace() and leaving 
diskfreespace() alone would be the right thing to do.  Then when all the 
naming issues are hashed out/someone has some work to show, change both 
of the functions to their proper names.  At this point a 
disk_free_space() function seems out of place in the current naming 
scheme (I wouldn't object as much to disk_freespace() and 
disk_totalspace(), but overall, I think we should wait until the rest of 
the source is namespace complaint and we've decided how to handle the 
change to the new naming conventions.)


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