At 10:27 PM 5/16/2001 -0400, Sean R. Bright wrote:
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> > From: Andi Gutmans [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> > There has been lots of talk and I think there have also been
> > some good ideas.
> > The only problem I have had with these discussions up to now
> > is that people
> > here really forget that the average PHP coder is not a
> > php-dev guy who
> > wants everything to be perfect.
> > So we can maybe start making a plan for 4.1.x which would
> > address this
> > standardization but I would definitely urge to think of the
> > average PHP
> > user and give him an option which 95% of the time won't trash
> > his site :)
> >
> > Andi
>Its not really my place to throw in my $0.02 having only contributed very
>little thus far to the project, but reading this gave me a thought.  Why not
>create a utility program before compatibility breaking releases that runs
>through existing scripts and reports to the user/developer what types of
>changes need to be made in order for the script to work properly under a new
>version?  This way a user could download and build the utility, run it,
>receive a report of the deprecated/changed functions, determine the amount
>of effort that is going to be required to update his/her scripts and then
>make an decision as when/if to upgrade.  It could feed off of some sort of
>database on so that we can update it with each new version without
>having the user download/build again.  It may sound like a silly idea, but
>there needs to be some sort of migration plan, and at least this way we will
>not be alienating the end-users.

I think these kind of utilities are in general a good idea. We created one 
for the PHP/FI 2 -> PHP 3 transition which helped people quite a bit.


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