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> Situation:


> I'd love to be able to create a PHP Windows .exe that installed just
> like a regular application. This ideal program would run just like
> an application too. You'd launch it and it would open an application
> window, but the window contents would be the current web browser
> installed on the system, pointed to the index.php page in your newly
> installed application's directory.


> I do NOT want to require the user to install a webserver and I do NOT
> want the server to keep running after the application has quit...


> Questions:
> [1] Does such a beast exist?

I haven't tried this myself, as I'd rather use Perl or a shell or something,
but PHP can be used as a command-line interpreter away from a web server.

This explains it...


I don't know if that's exactly what you mean, but it's close.

> [2] Can anyone think of a fundamental reason why we couldn't do such
> a thing?

I can't.

> [3] Is the general consensus that this would be a handy thing to
> have, or is it just me?

If you're all about PHP, then it's great. Like I said, I'd rather use
Perl for something like that, but I can definitely see the appeal.

> Please be kind with the flames, I'm new here...

Me too.

> Gre7g.

J Smith
code, dba, and linux guy
Tutorbuddy Inc.
The Magic Lantern Group

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