I am pleased to announce that I dove into this new idea last night 
and made my first proof-of-concept program (PoC-1) for this new 
programming environment (which I am calling LocalPHP for the lack of 
a better name, any suggestions?).

The proof-of-concept is very crude!  It simply brings up a dialog 
with an IWebBrowse2 ActiveX component in it and points the browser to 

a file called "index.php".  It then intercepts the fetch, processes 
the index.php into index.htm and redirects the browser to index.htm.  

Yes, this is very crude and not how I intend to do things long term!

The curious redirecting is important because index.php contains a 
link to index2.php.  When the user takes the link and the browser 
tries to fetch index2.php, the code again intercepts the request, 
converts index2.php into index2.htm and then redirects the browser.

As you may recall, I had expressed a hesitancy to open sockets so the 

program could communicate with itself.  It turns out that this will 
not be neccessary.  In fact, I did not even have to load Apache into 
the system as I had originally assumed.  Instead, I just use PHP 
stand-alone to process the .php files.

Plans for PoC-2:

The next proof-of-concept is coming along very nicely!  Instead of a 
dialog, I'm using a full, resizable window (CHtmlView).  Instead of 
converting .php files into .htm files, I want to pipe .php files into 

PHP and then pipe the result into the browser.  I've also begun some 
research into how we will be able to control the window (menus, 
status bar, etc.) from within the browser.  There are indeed some 
hooks we can use, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

I am extremely excited about this project and think that it could be 
valuable to lots of people.  It is my hopes that this will someday be 

embraced by the PHP community and used world-wide.

Immediate needs:

In the meantime, I do need some help to get rolling.  I have the PHP 
source and binaries, but there is so much code that I get a bit dizzy 

when I look at it!  What I want to do is stick the php4ts.dll (I am 
supposing that would be the best choice) binary into my project and 
then pipe data in and out of it.  Can someone PLEASE give me some 
hints as to how I can do this?  I'm sure it's easy, but I don't know 
where to start.  I've never even tried to put someone else's DLL into 

my code.

For reference, it appears that the browser can accept IStream class 
objects as input.  I understand that this is probably not what 
php4ts.dll uses, but I am willing to do whatever massaging I need to 
make that work.  If anyone has messed with these before and would 
like to volunteer input, I'd love to hear it ([EMAIL PROTECTED] or 
via this forum).

Micro$oft is a tumor in the computer world:

Finally, I beat my head for several hours against one bug last night. 

It involved converting a tagVARIANT (I'd never seen such a struct 
before) into a simple null-terminated-string.  I'm sure this sort of 
thing is easy to do.  It has to be, right?  Surely I'm not the first 
person to want to manipulate tagVARIANT's.  Anyhow, I couldn't figure 

out how to do it and was forced to write a very crude conversion 
routine to keep me from slitting my wrists.  Does anyone out there 
know the CORRECT way to do this?  I do not want to leave this hack in 

the code.

Let me know what you think!

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