Maybe we should wait with this whole API change until a new sub-version? 
4.1? Or keep the old functionality right now and just add the new 
functions? We can deprecate the old ones in 4.1.


At 03:03 PM 6/24/2001 +0200, Jani Taskinen wrote:

>Since everybody seems to be using some stupid filters which filters
>all emails which have 'Bug' in the Subject I have to mail this again..
>(Hint: There is X-PHP-Bug: header in those emails that come from bug system)
>Anyway, we have a problem. The sockets extension is seriously fucked up
>now. Some functions don't work at all and some work differently than
>before the renaming of the function names. ie. they return FALSE
>on errors now..before they returned -1. Good example: socket_listen()
>This is really bad thing and breaks every single script out there
>which uses these functions. It would be acceptable that the function
>names only needed to be changed, but now there has to be really big
>changes in the whole logic the scripts work.
>(even our example scripts on manual don't work)
>On 22 Jun 2001 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> >From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> >Operating system: Slackware-current / Kernel 2.4.5
> >PHP version:      4.0 Latest CVS (2001-06-22)
> >PHP Bug Type:     Sockets related
> >Bug description:  Socket function examples scripts aren't working with 
> latest CVS
> >
> >After checking the renamed socket functions, i tried to get the sockets
> >example script running. It works fine under 4.0.5, so i renamed the
> >functions to the new ones, und tried to get it running. It started, and i
> >could connect without problems, but instead of being an echo server, i
> >just got disconnectet.
> >When are the new sockets function getting documented with an example 
> script ?
> >thx in advance
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