> [don't break the API!]

> >i'd vote not for changing the api back, rather than
> updating/extending the
> >yet available (tiny) sockets documentation.
> I vote we get the old api back. I don't care if it doesn't
> support win32.

1) IMHO the new API is better (the 'write' function is really a name someone
wants to use for other things...), and the new return-values are more logic.
This does NOT mean that I think you should break the current API!
2) Undoubtly Daniel has put quite some effort in making this
extension work for windows. I don't think it's really
necessary to burn him down. I know, windows is not a
platform for the serious sites, but you cannot deny it is used
alot. (though I think it will change with XP - eXtra Pricy :-)
For lower-scale and home-use you can argue it is easier
than *nix. So when possible, you should try to support windows.

3) I'm certain that there is a way to merge the *nix and windows
implementations, so that it works on both platforms. As I
stated in an earlier post, i think it is possible to support
both API's.

As a short-term solution i'd suggest to put the current session.c
in #ifdef PHP_WIN32 / #endif, and put the old one
(that worked for unix) in #ifndef PHP_WIN32.

As a longer term solution, either a wrapper API should
be added to the unix-variant, to comply with the 'win32'
API, or (better, but probably harder) the current sockets.c
should be fixed to work for unix too. (and there should
be functions for BC, that simply call the new ones).

In a reply to the just arrived mail of Daniel:
> this shouldn't mean that every function in php should behave like the c
> counterpart, should it?
> if we have the possibility to do something in a more userfriendly fashion
> think it should be done that way.

I agree on this one.

> i don't think that the translation to the new api is too hard.

Well, it probably isn't, but keep in mind that not everybody
has control over which php is installed and when it is updated.
And why break BC when it is not necessary?

Jani wrote:
> [looked like C, was easier for ppl with C-background]

I don't think you should target php at C-ppl.


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