> For lower-scale and home-use you can argue it is easier
> than *nix. So when possible, you should try to support windows.
> > [looked like C, was easier for ppl with C-background]
> I don't think you should target php at C-ppl.

    PHP has been since its inception strongly influenced by C.
    And as a tool originally conceived on Unix, it should
    maintain its roots and continue to provide people familiar
    with Unix APIs a convenient way for scripting.

    Thus, improved Windows support should not come at the expense
    of Unix support without a perfect reason.  I'm missing that
    reason here.

    I haven't looked deeply at what API changes have been
    introduced lately, but I'd suggest to use the standard BSD
    sockets return value semantics (-1 for failure, >= 0 for
    success).  Those semantics also prevail in the Winsock
    implementation, so they should be quite natural.

    - Sascha                                     Experience IRCG      

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