> I'm not sure you would be able to distribute a commercial 
> application that is built around PHP commercially, could you?  
> Isn't that what the GPL protects against?

Well, PHP is just distributed as a cgi-application, with any modules
compiled however you want. There are no modifications to php whatsoever. The
application doesn't use _any_ php-code, so I don't think there is a GPL (or
any license, for that matter) violation. 

You could see this as an application starting an executable (php), and
displaying the results. Rather the same as typeing './php -f filename.php >
filename.html' and then viewing filename.html (even though a file is never
actually generated). 

I see no licensing problems, but perhaps I'm misstaken. I've just read the
file LICENSE again, and I see no objections!

Cheerio, Marc.

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