Hi Zeev!

Zeev Suraski wrote:

> memory_limit applies for the duration of a single script.  Each script will
> not be allowed to obtain more than 8MB;  So, the problem you're having
> originates someplace else (perhaps other parts of PHP grow to consume more
> memory, e.g., persistent resource tables or something of the sort).

The problem arrived with PHP4.0.6 which I installed yesterday. But in the meantime I 
another BIG problem: Our server crashed tonight! Until yesterday PHP4.0.4pl1 was 
installed and
it run without problems for months. So it seems that PHP4.0.6 caused the problem.

I looked through the apache's error_log but I couldn't find anything special...the 
simply stopped.
Is this a known problem? Should I go back to 4.0.4pl1 or is it possible that I made a 
while compiling the source? But the strange thing is that the server crashed not 
instantly but
after 9 hours (we have 800,000 hits per day and at the time of the crash we had only a 
small load). There were no seg. fault or something like that.

Thanx for your help..

 ... tobias wiersch from .de

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