Hi Zeev!

Zeev Suraski wrote:

> Saying it worked in 4.0.4 was quite a valuable piece of information.  I can
> confirm now that memory_limit is broken in 4.0.6, I'll submit a fix to CVS
> soon.

Great! Thanks for your help and work! BTW, my bug-# was 11739.

As I wrote yesterday, I now have a bunch of log-files. Apache-childrens seem to
consume more and more memory over the time when executing php-scripts.
Yesterday at 18:00h (medium load) each child shows only 2.0% of total mem in
'ps' and now, in the morning at 09:00h (a little load), it was 2.6% of total
mem, at 09:30h (still a little load) it was 3.0% and now, at 10:10h, it's 3.3%!!

I looked through the bug-database and found the following entries:
11676 and 11723.
These seem to describe the same problem.

Is it possible that this has to do with the bug you found in memory_limit or is
this maybe another bug?

Used mem (without buffers and cache) over the time on the machine (machine
started at 15:00h):
18:00h:97MB, 00:00h:132MB, 06:00h:130MB, 10:00h:160MB!! - very strange.

 ... tobias wiersch from .de

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