Hi Zeev!

Zeev Suraski wrote:

> This isn't a known problem (well, at least I haven't heard any such
> complaints).  It may be a coincidence (i.e. not related to 4.0.6) - I'd
> wait and see if this problem persists.

Thanks for your help. Ok, I will give it a try.
But back to the first problem. You said that the memory_limit applies to only ONE
script (as I thought). You said that the problem may be somewhere else.

But I got the described error-message without any load! I cutted our leased-line
before the tests and then only executed the 2 test-scripts. And in 10-20% of the
cases I got the error-message. BTW, our server has 512MB RAM and 90% free, so RAM
seems not to be the problem. The second strange thing is: With 4.0.4pl1 the
memory_limit was 8M and with 4.0.6 I increased it to 16M. I never got the message
with 4.0.4pl1 but with 4.0.6 nearly instantly (after a few minutes the first time)!

The two test-scripts only allocate 8MB each. When I execute only these two scripts
and the server has no load besides of that and >400MB free RAM, and the mem-limit
is 16M --- why will I get sometimes the out-of-memory warning? This theoretically
can't be, right!? Maybe this has something to do why the server crashed tonight...?

 ... tobias wiersch from .de

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