On Mon, 2 Jul 2001, Joey Smith wrote:

> Surely you are kidding.
> I cannot see in any of our packages where we bundle the PDF library with
> our release. If we are, we should probably remove it.
> In either case, there is no way we can compile an unencumbered version
> of PDFLib. That would be illegal. PDFLib is not free, in the
> "gratis" sense.
> This is like making the fact that Win32 does not come with a free C
> compiler PHP's problem, based on the fact that you need one to compile
> your own binary. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Ok, I must be missing something really bad here then. What is this
php_pdf.dll doing on my /extensions/ sub-directory ? Someone must have
compiled that, huh.

I can see from Pdflib.com that you can get the source code for all major
platforms, including Windows (which is what I'm talking about here after
all). Here is the URL for you :

I downloaded the latest version of the pre-compiled PDFlib which comes
with the compiled php_pdf.dll file, so it was just a matter of dropping
the file on the /extensions sub-directory, but now I get a huge water mark
with the 'www.pdflib.com' string in it.

Am I still missing something here that you guys could compile the PDF
extension from the Windows source code of PDFlib when making the Windows
binary release of PHP ? Why is this illegal anyway ? I even took my time
to open the license file of PDFlib source and it clearly stated on the
"Alladin Free Public License" that you can re-distribute PDFlib
non-commercially, which is what PHP is doing here.

Why would compiling from source and distributing a version of PDFlib
without that ridiculous water mark be such an issue ?

I might be missing something really bad here, so I apologize if there is
something really obvious that I'm overlooking.


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