That's the whole point. The code that generates the watermarks, or times
out, or whatever, is based in pdflib's code (IE, pdflib.dll). It has
nothing to do with our code.

There is the question of whether or not we can ship pdflib.dll with PHP
at all. I've asked the members of the PHP Group for input on this, as
they are (hopefully) more qualified than I to decide, but in the
interim, it remains a pdflib.dll issue, completely seperate from PHP.

Assuming that we CAN ship pdflib.dll, the timeout issue will go away,
but you will still (IIUC) have the watermarking issue...

On Sat, 7 Jul 2001, Joao Prado Maia wrote the following to Joey Smith :

> On Fri, 6 Jul 2001, Joey Smith wrote:
> > There are 2 parts that are required to make PDF's using pdflib. There is
> > the pdflib code, and the PHP code that makes calls to the pdflib
> > code. We can ship our own code, but not pdflib's.
> >
> And that is what I'm talking about here. Changing only the PHP extension
> so this silly watermark string is not seen on the PDF's generated by PHP
> scripts. Am I correct that this is only a matter of compiling the PHP
> extension from source and creating a php_pdf.dll ?
> Of course, I'm supposing in all this that the code to generate the
> watermark is inside the PHP extension. Anyway, can this be done for future
> releases ?
> Joao

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