There are 2 parts that are required to make PDF's using pdflib. There is
the pdflib code, and the PHP code that makes calls to the pdflib
code. We can ship our own code, but not pdflib's.

On Fri, 6 Jul 2001, Joao Prado Maia wrote the following to Joey Smith :

> Ok, I must be missing something really bad here then. What is this
> php_pdf.dll doing on my /extensions/ sub-directory ? Someone must have
> compiled that, huh.
> I downloaded the latest version of the pre-compiled PDFlib which comes
> with the compiled php_pdf.dll file, so it was just a matter of dropping
> the file on the /extensions sub-directory, but now I get a huge water mark
> with the '' string in it.
> Am I still missing something here that you guys could compile the PDF
> extension from the Windows source code of PDFlib when making the Windows
> binary release of PHP ? Why is this illegal anyway ? I even took my time
> to open the license file of PDFlib source and it clearly stated on the
> "Alladin Free Public License" that you can re-distribute PDFlib
> non-commercially, which is what PHP is doing here.
> Why would compiling from source and distributing a version of PDFlib
> without that ridiculous water mark be such an issue ?
> I might be missing something really bad here, so I apologize if there is
> something really obvious that I'm overlooking.
> Joao

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