At 21:18 06.07.2001 -0600, Joey Smith wrote:
>There are 2 parts that are required to make PDF's using pdflib. There is
>the pdflib code, and the PHP code that makes calls to the pdflib
>code. We can ship our own code, but not pdflib's.

can someone add to 
the patches section for 4.0.6?
it updates the pdflib to 4.0.1, thus eliminating the timebomb.


>On Fri, 6 Jul 2001, Joao Prado Maia wrote the following to Joey Smith :
> > Ok, I must be missing something really bad here then. What is this
> > php_pdf.dll doing on my /extensions/ sub-directory ? Someone must have
> > compiled that, huh.
> >
> > I downloaded the latest version of the pre-compiled PDFlib which comes
> > with the compiled php_pdf.dll file, so it was just a matter of dropping
> > the file on the /extensions sub-directory, but now I get a huge water mark
> > with the '' string in it.
> >
> > Am I still missing something here that you guys could compile the PDF
> > extension from the Windows source code of PDFlib when making the Windows
> > binary release of PHP ? Why is this illegal anyway ? I even took my time
> > to open the license file of PDFlib source and it clearly stated on the
> > "Alladin Free Public License" that you can re-distribute PDFlib
> > non-commercially, which is what PHP is doing here.
> >
> > Why would compiling from source and distributing a version of PDFlib
> > without that ridiculous water mark be such an issue ?
> >
> > I might be missing something really bad here, so I apologize if there is
> > something really obvious that I'm overlooking.
> >
> > Joao
> >
> >
> >
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