ID: 12064
Updated by: joey
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Status: Feedback
Bug Type: GD related
Operating System: Windows 2000 SP1
PHP Version: 4.0.6
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Fixing "null" status.

So, is this a GD Bug, or a PHP bug?

Previous Comments:

[2001-07-12 17:34:06] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Ok, I checked out filemon.
Here's what's happening:
GD first tries to open files inside the Apache root (not the web root; for instance, 
on my box, C:\Program Files\Apache. So, if I've specified "C:\\path\\to\\font.ttf" in 
my path, I end up with:
C:\Program Files\Apache\C\C:\path\to\font.ttf.ttf

Next, it tries the current directory. However, it seems to be unable to process 
Windows drive letters, and so defaults to drive C: (my webroot's on D:, which is a 
problem), so I get

You get the idea. I made a directory structure on C: mimicing that of my D: webroot, 
but only containing the fonts; it worked fine (although the antialiasing was horrific, 
but that's a GD/FT2 issue).


[2001-07-12 17:18:32] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Pretty sure, but it doesn't work the other way around either.


[2001-07-12 16:08:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Are you sure that GD understands d:/path/to/font.ttf as a path?
Should it be d:\\path\\to\\font.ttf ?



[2001-07-12 16:00:10] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

please use filemon ( to find out where php/gd is searching for 
the fonts, and report back.



[2001-07-12 15:40:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


  I did some reading through the GD docs; it seems that GD uses an environment 
variable called GDFONTPATH to locate its fonts when no path is specified (this seems 
to imply that the proper extension would also be appended). However, setting this 
properly did not work. The documentation also says that a full path will be accepted 
(with .ttf ending) if specified as a parameter.

  Seems like a problem with the way PHP is passing the string, perhaps. I would play 
with the source, but I don't have a compiler for this environment right now; it seems 
that people are not having this problem on Unices, so I won't bother looking there.

Any clue?



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