hey lukas, ho list,

> > Are there any concrete plans to integrate functions or classes to access
> > external WebDAV ressources? WebDAV seems to be used more and more to upload
> > data, in replacement of FTP. It would be cool to have some functions to read
> > and write files and directories over WebDAV.
> > 
> > I don't know wheter WebDAV functions should be in a php extension (like file
> > system and FTP) or in a PEAR class (HTTP). [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> > has opened a project called phpdav on Sourceforge some months ago, but the
> > files are not yet published.
> some weeks ago i quickly wrote a simple php WebDAV module.  The module
> does everything i need(ed), and i'll probably not invest too much time
> in the next weeks / months.  Maybe someone is interested and wants to
> take a look at it.
well, i just had a quick look on it,
it seems to give php the ability to work as WebDAV client, 
but real intresting would be the other way,
let handle the server part. Rasmus talked to me about
this on LinuxTag in Germany, maybe someone reading this has the
time doing that?

- Peter

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