Christoph Steinmann wrote:
> > DATE: 08/31/1999 06:57:01
> > SUBJECT: RE:  [PHP3] WebDAV & PHP...
> > We are not quite there with respect to integration of PHP with WebDAV, but
> > Stig and I are actively looking at it, and you will soon be able to do
> > some nifty things.  We are likely talking weeks here, not months.  Stay
> > tuned.
> >
> > -Rasmus
> [...] For example, WebDAV support will play a big role in the future of web
> development," Sascha says." [...]
>  / hall of fame / sascha schumann
> Are there any concrete plans to integrate functions or classes to access
> external WebDAV ressources? WebDAV seems to be used more and more to upload
> data, in replacement of FTP. It would be cool to have some functions to read
> and write files and directories over WebDAV.
> I don't know wheter WebDAV functions should be in a php extension (like file
> system and FTP) or in a PEAR class (HTTP). [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> has opened a project called phpdav on Sourceforge some months ago, but the
> files are not yet published.

The immediately most useful stuff for PHP would be server functionality
in cooperation with mod_dav.  The client part seems to be much easier to
implement.  Both Rasmus and I fell off this project as you can see, so
if someone want to pick it up, that'd be awesome.

 - Stig

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