> DATE: 08/31/1999 06:57:01
> SUBJECT: RE:  [PHP3] WebDAV & PHP...

> We are not quite there with respect to integration of PHP with WebDAV, but
> Stig and I are actively looking at it, and you will soon be able to do
> some nifty things.  We are likely talking weeks here, not months.  Stay
> tuned.
> -Rasmus

[...] For example, WebDAV support will play a big role in the future of web
development," Sascha says." [...]

zend.com  / hall of fame / sascha schumann

Are there any concrete plans to integrate functions or classes to access
external WebDAV ressources? WebDAV seems to be used more and more to upload
data, in replacement of FTP. It would be cool to have some functions to read
and write files and directories over WebDAV.

I don't know wheter WebDAV functions should be in a php extension (like file
system and FTP) or in a PEAR class (HTTP). [EMAIL PROTECTED]
has opened a project called phpdav on Sourceforge some months ago, but the
files are not yet published.


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