> The immediately most useful stuff for PHP would be server functionality
> in cooperation with mod_dav.  The client part seems to be much easier to
> implement.  Both Rasmus and I fell off this project as you can see, so
> if someone want to pick it up, that'd be awesome.
>  - Stig

If I'm not terribly mistaken WebDav requires some sort of a HTTP server to

I started writing a HTTP::Server module recently. I wanted it so I could
provide XMLPRC interface for Pear enabled sites. Any way the idea is to
write a very basic HTTP server for PEAR (using the socket extension) and
make it extendable so it would be easy inherit it and overwrite some methods
and make it work as a proxy for XMLRPC. Maybe this could also be used for

For all those who are going to say that it's gona have lousy performance I


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